To ‘Locate’

For some folks the above picture is a close example of their life. All is good but there is something missing. And each day the search goes on to find the increasingly elusive void.

Dig through book after book, Google for possibilities, listen to lectures, talk with others, examine the pieces you already have, look under rug after rug.

What would you do if one day a new realization came blasting through like a wrecking ball through a brick wall and immediately convinced you the whole puzzle you are working on . . . is not the correct puzzle!

This new ‘realization’ implied that to proceed in any manner you’d have to sweep ALL the pieces off the table, gather them up and throw them into the trash, and then die to your old self – and die to EVERYTHING that was a part of you.

Some folks, due to strange circumstances do die, but upon resurrection haven’t gotten rid of the old pieces. They sit right down at the same table and begin the same worthless search again, not realizing, again that it’s the wrong puzzle.

There is no overlap of the Infinite and ordinary life as we all know it. No words share the same boundaries. It seems that the only common emotion might be ‘feeling’. And one of those feelings might be shared when all those puzzle pieces we know so well are scattered in a dump somewhere and totally forgotten.

It seems so counterintuitive to not try to ‘locate’ or try not to ‘find’ but that is the way to the Infinite. It’s dying, but staying ‘dead’ long enough for the Purity to enter.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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