Ghosts of Thoughts Past

Thought about it before, but with minimal results. Even the opportunities to open to higher ways come around so infrequently.

You turn the handle, push the door, and it opens. But to what???

Nothing that makes any sense, that’s for sure. Nothing you can grab on to or cut out and paste. Not even an idea you can take with you and share with others. There’s none of that, anywhere.

‘Expectation’ so limits what has value.

No message in a bottle. No ancient encryptions etched into a wall. There’ll be no movie showing, no book to read, no teacher with abstract skills precisely made for your mentality, maturity and understanding.

And so . . . the door is no longer opened. No breaks to your worldly walk accepted. No openings for new perspectives to be seen. No opportunities tried that may have life-changing impact.

Instead, on the other side of that door is: a wonderland, a fantasyland comprised of nothing that we now know anything about. A dreamland of no earthly value to us [absolutely none] until we are ready to abandon all our thoughts, all our plans, all our strategies and all our ‘knowns’.

There should be another escape hatch to first let out all of our ‘ghosts of thoughts past’. Those things that WE believed were absolutely essential for our existence.

Perhaps your ‘door’ has become welded shut; impenetrable. Time-honored dogma will do just that.

‘Thoughts Past’ . . .

How’s their grip on you today?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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