A Step Back

Life. Is it an endless embroilment of questions? What’s for lunch? How can I get this or get rid of that? How to; find love, or passion, or freedom, or solitude, or companionship?

What if you were to take a step back, change your perspective, and see the broader picture?

You might find yourself questioning the very questions mentioned above. These most important questions you carry around . . . are they really that important to the real you, the person at the core of your existence?

Pick an item on your list of things to do today. Then ask, ‘Is that item really what I want to do? Is there anything better that I could be doing?

Most importantly, is getting to the discovery of where your to-do lists originate, and whether you have anything to do with what appears on that list.

Control of your feelings can lead you to only putting items on your list that contribute to your highest happiness.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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