Our Daily Gifts

The grass begs to feel the bottom of your feet shuffling along, and the wind yearns to blow through your hair. Your sheets, blankets and pillows can’t wait to comfort you again.

Food is desirous of being prepared and eaten. The chair wants to support you, sunglasses want to protect your eyes, soap and a shower want to cleanse you, the heater wants to warm you, the A/C wants to cool you.

Books, trees, houses; everything we can see offers a special gift for our senses to enjoy.

But look into someone else’s eyes, past their eyes, deeper, where things are spooky. A place where there is just ‘wonder’. A dreamland of the totally unknown.

Neither person knowing what will be said next, or with what accompanying emotion. Two spiritual playgrounds, trying to make sense of each other. Two mysteries in search of meaning.

Two matrices of incompleteness – searching for a clue, a stepping stone, a small but essential piece of the puzzle. Where even a mistake is welcome.

It’s the Infinite . . .

offering the gift of discovery.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. There is an infinite wonder always in search of a playmate…one who is ready to engage and BE surprised in every moment. Peek a boo is its calling card🤫!


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