Natural Reasoning

It’s a glimpse of what we should understand thoroughly.

It’s a look into a classroom where the teacher is showing an example of exquisite PEACE. A peace we recognize instinctively, but that is where the learning ends, with recognition. Natural reasoning left us on our seventh birthday.

We understand ‘peace’ but only in its most primitive form.

Once upon a time, we slept as individuals should sleep. Exploring mysteries, tasting sweetness, with moonlight in our eyes,

Kitty, in her reverie is saying to herself, ‘Thank you. Thank you that I get it. Thank you that I understand. Thank you that everything is mine. Thank you!’

Luxuriating – while immersed in the highest form of wisdom and gentleness. Understanding all forms and nuances of peace.

Teach us, Kitty. Please, teach us.

(If you haven’t stared at the photo above, this message will be of no value to you.)

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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