Inner Peace and Tranquility

Stay in your own lane. Trust in that lane. Make it perfect. Get rid of what’s not working. Cherish what is working, and add to that.

If you love something, get more of that. And, go all the way! Remember that moment of euphoria you had years ago? Seek to duplicate that. Then wonder about circumstances having even more potency.

Imagine the highest point of your rainbow. What’s above that? Get comfortable pondering your Land of Fantasy. Each day, mentally push your thoughts up a notch. Feel the Nothingness, the grandeur, the unknown. Go, where you’ve never gone before.

There are no secrets. Try something; a sunrise, a cruise, music, absence of everything, a special chair, blanket. Get out of the way of judgment. Just allow. If something seems it has more impact than the others, refine it. Make that concept your own. Make whatever it is, a little boat. Then float around in it. Throw away the oars. Go wherever it takes you.

Gently. Majestically. Down the stream.

Inner peace and tranquility . . . the ultimate fun.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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