The Third Tree

We mistake activity with achievement. We listen, we talk, about a new path. A path that is of the highest order, but blurry because of the unknowns associated with it. A path that requires only one thing; the confidence to try it. To put one foot down and actually take a step on the trail. That ‘step’ never comes.

There are so many ‘potential’ steps that have been formed, but never attempted. Many have pondered something ‘loftier’ and claimed that one of these days I will step up and give it a try. But the step is never taken.

To try, to take a step, puts nothing in jeopardy. A person can try it and forget it. But even the idea of changing how we think, for even a moment or two, is too disturbing to make venturing possible.

The pathway remains desolate, as the hero in your soul is gasping for breath in utter frustration for something, the one thing, that is a few steps down the path.

The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.

The words you read here will never make that trail a reality. Nor will the words in any book or the urgings of a friend. If it comes at all, there will be a subtle nudge, that is all. But this special nudge doesn’t know the word ‘quit’. It nudges, then again, then even more subtly it nudges again. Imperceptible messages of joy seem to materialize from nowhere. You’re allowed a glimpse down a new perspective. A common word might take on a totally new meaning for you. There’ll come a sense of something different and unique just out of your grasp.

You feel and know that if YOU try to help the process – all will be lost.

The Divine Mind doesn’t make mistakes. It’s not a compelling power, but an expanding and illuminating one.

Just past the third little tree on your left.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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