Everything is Perfect

‘In my world, nothing ever goes wrong.’ The first time I heard those words I was watching Wayne Dyer and I think he quoted them.

We still have the freedom (at least I hope so) of putting into our minds whatever we want. Back when, I remember instilling in my mind that quote and words like; ‘the Infinite, Magic, out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing,’ and many others.

I have mentioned Dyer’s quote many times to others. It is never taken with any credibility. Usually with just a subtle shirk and silence, it remains as worthless to others because of its outlandish positivism. Perhaps to you, also.

But if you instill it into your heart and let it grow, the outcomes are Magic! You realize that you are the one that puts the definitions to each word. You establish your world and you determine exactly what ‘wrong’ means, to you, personally. (It means so much more when something is YOUR creation and not just the acceptance of some majority’s opinion.)

Armed with that information you can go forward in life and know what you will accept and what you won’t, as you go. You set the bounds by which you live, not some random event that happens to you.

In some mysterious way, just by holding on to that quote, negative occurrences are side-stepped as if they aren’t allowed into your life.

Again . . . we become what we think about. Choose the highest message you can find and give your allegiance to that – even if you can not comprehend how it could ever fit into your life now.

Life can be as beautiful, and simple, and continuously perfect as the photograph above shows.

All we need is the belief in a foundation that will support it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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