A Little Dab’l Do Ya

For sake of illustration let’s say that; yellow is our mind, blue is an intentional pause in our thinking and green is the Infinite.

As a technique for summoning the Infinite this might come in handy. Instead of just living solely in the ‘yellow’ (your mind) and relying only on its abilities, whenever a decision needs to be made . . . insert a little pause. During those few seconds, the door to the Infinite may open a tad and permit you to realize the latent powers that reside there.

Just the recognition of that concept can bring amazing results. In those few seconds of ‘blue’ – a memory may be recalled or some unique experience that was similar to the situation in which you are engaged will appear.

In those few seconds your mind is opened, challenged and reminded, that there may be answers available that lie outside the realm of your mind. A few second pause is all it takes to alert your senses to other possibilities.

The more this technique is tried, the better it performs. The door is already open, the idea of ascension is already impregnated in the pause, your senses already know what is expected of them.

As if by Magic ‘green’ is produced . . . and it becomes your best friend.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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