Sensitive Moments of Vulnerability

Sometimes, not too often, a nerve gets touched in a secret, undisturbed area of your mind.

The touch of that nerve brings a quizzical stirring, like something is being offered, but that ‘thing’ is somehow out of reach. There’s beauty, serenity – but also a hint of potential. Or is it a promise of potential?

Unlike many other times, now the imaginary ‘no-entry sign’ was blurry, soon to vanish. The allure tickled sensitive areas. The gates were indeed vulnerable.

The human senses desired answers. ‘What is it that so commands my attention? Where is it? What should I do next? No answers would be found just by looking.

But it wasn’t a ‘thing’. It was nothing that could be pointed at and declared the ‘reason’. It wasn’t a tree, but what was seen through the branches. Not the water but the reflection. Not the light, but the shadow. Not the wind, but the whisper.

Bewilderment gave way to curiosity. This time there would be continuation, but continuation by doing less and less. Continuation by losing to the wonderment; a giving up on winning.

With a final stride, of absolutely no movement, a different side of the person emerged. In the depth of that hauntingly secret, undisturbed peace, was given a newfound illumination of awe. An understanding that the more silence prevails, the more that can be heard. The discovery that trusting your intuition eliminates fear and enables Freedom.

The beauty of the venue is not the prize.

The prize . . . is what that beauty opens up for you to experience.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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