Your Highest Experience

Accepting the Infinite as a spirit means relinquishing personal identity.

To most, the sentence above is just another to gloss over. Assume it has no merit, no worth, no meaning and jump to the next paragraph to see if something pertinent will show up there.

Perhaps the ‘search’ for the Infinite is impossible . . . but perhaps, at the same time, it is necessary!

Necessary because it brings us face to face with the idea of limitations.

Necessary because in our attempts at finding the Infinite (even the initial thoughts of how to get started) we find ourselves in new surroundings. A realm of uncertainty where we become aware that our reasoning no practical value. Ground rules we’ve had all our lives evaporate and we’re forced to accept ‘acceptance’. Acceptance of the highest strain. Acceptance of what we don’t know. Relinquishing our personal identity.

Necessary because even though we’ll never fully understand the complexities of the Infinite, we may uncover an area of just enough pertinence to ourselves that our lives will be changed forever. Free from all that we felt we had to follow. Freedom – in an endless supply of superlatives. Freedom – in a limitless playground, designed just for you.

Your highest experience – EVER – may be waiting for you just on the other side of that curtain you always deemed as unattainable.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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