Feeling the Infinite

We get glimpses. We get touched. We get feelings. We sing, laugh out loud and scream with joy. We live life with complete abandon – for a while. Then, it’s back to our cage.

No pictures stir me as viscerally as ones like the above. Palpable freedom. Hands raised in celebration. Screams of, ‘Go little bird, fly, FLY!’ Notice; there are no tethers attached, no boundaries anymore, nothing imposed. P-U-R-E freedom.

Just removing a collar from a dog brings me euphoria. A few mornings ago at about 3:00 A.M. I saw a moth in my bathroom. I nudged him into a glass and took him down to the door in the garage, turned on the outside light and opened the door. Raising the glass I removed my other hand from blocking the moth’s exit. Tears came as I watched the little guy disappear into the night sky. Another moment I will treasure forever. P-U-R-E freedom.

We can ‘feel’ the Infinite on a physical level. Perhaps, somehow, the answer is capturing that rapturous sensation and imbuing every cell of our bodies with it. Almost like teaching ourselves how to experience the Euphoria the Infinite wants to share.

Walls, bars, untrue mental convictions, tethers, cages, boxes, ruts, apathy or just uncertainty make lofty perspectives unavailable.

The next time a supreme, Infinite feeling is felt, don’t try to capture it, give thanks for it. Allow it to spread throughout your entire being. Then, do it again, and again.

‘Feel’ your way to a new perspective.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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