Forbidden Travel

Wherever it is, find it. With eyes closed if needed. Get the perfect pillows, blankets and foot warmers. Turn down the lights. Maybe faint background ambient music. Kitty and/or puppy most welcome.

Hot coffee. A delicate puffed pastry. Spoil yourself, like never before.

Unlimited dreams become what is important. Crazy, erotic, exotic dreams. Ones that come with a ‘Caution’ label. Scary-good dreams. Fantasies. Mind-blowing excursions. Ideas with the power to lift.

Go out further, where mentality ends and the impossible begins. Allow yourself to be immersed. Cut away the life-preserver. Permit illegal transportation to places to which you have never even contemplated.

Go incognito. Be ‘out of focus’. Distorted. Unknown to yourself.

In this new world, open the doors if there are any. See what is under the things on the ground. Find that secret passageway and that hidden set of stairs or the trap-door. Get open to the flood of the Infinite.

Submit to freshness.

Just as you are seeking for your treasure . . .

it is seeking you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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