Unseen Gift

Times of lazy slumber. A hint of a smile upturns your lips for seemingly no reason.

There’s an alignment, not of any particular things, just life. Be it in the middle of a garbage heap or a seaside sunrise.

A spreadable Bliss coats everything. Losing your identity in the intervals between thoughts. Contemplating silence, then nothingness.

Your greatest meal, the best vacation spot, your greatest love: all bowing to the Magic of pure Wonderment.

I, You, whoever . . . has escaped the rituals we know as life.

Feeling the difference between freedom from ‘things’ . . . and just pure freedom – at its core.

Sensing – not being immersed, but being a part of Everything; a spirit, a knowing, a power, a strain so high that all it can relate is a feeling of total Peace and ecstasy.

No seats are assigned. No areas for beginners or the more experienced. Nothing is better than something else. Everything is a Peace which soothes.

You don’t; go, stop, understand, enjoy, fear, try out, encourage or doubt. None of those. You do nothing, because everything has been done.

It is not an experience, it is something that you are given. Period.

Like a cloud giving you your first kiss. A moment of Magic. Uncreated. Unplanned. Undesigned. And, unimaginable.

A gift that comes unwrapped and unnoticed. Not under a tree. Unavailable if searched for, unavailable if wanted or expected.

JUST A GIFT. Just a gift. just a gift. j**t * *i*t.

**** * ****.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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