No Knowns

Usually happens when you’re alone. Quiet. A little tired. Peaceful.

A forest. Woods. A feeling of uneasiness makes itself known. Subtle.

Words are put to that feeling. ‘What am I missing?’

The impact of the feeling stops you dead in your tracks.

You sense a leaf crunch under your shoe. Then the sound of a breeze whispering through the branches is actually heard. Uninterrupted, you sit down on the grassy knoll staring at the base of a tree. You notice the unevenness of the bark, the layers, the colors, the texture. Never seen before because we have accepted a name for that; tree. All the mystery has been wiped out years ago.

Likewise, the word forest. And, likewise, all the other words we use. In our human ‘wisdom’ we have eradicated almost all; awe, stimulation, astonishment and wonder. There ceases to be a Disneyland for us anymore, anywhere.

My god, man, it’s just a forest!

What am I missing? What are we missing? All that is left on earth are words that identify compartmentalized . . . knowns. No more surprises, no more astonishment, no more wonder. Just ‘knowns’.

The Infinite is void of words. Void of knowns. Void of anything close to what you believe is ‘known’ and understood.

From my perspective this is all about conformity. People reason . . . ‘None of my friends feel these moments of grandeur, no one else stops in utter amazement of a tree, so neither shall I.’

Thus, we forsake an utterly spectacular universe just because none of our friends are doing it.

The first time you get on a ride at Disneyland, you let go. You want to be amazed, scared, shook up. The Infinite is another theme park. A theme park – of the unknown.

One in which you have no ****ing idea of what you may experience.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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