An Abstract Realization

Your task is demanding. Maybe physical, maybe mental.

For just a moment your mind lets go and you are totally free. There on your path just ahead is an unknown, but in your state of openness the object attracts you in a strange way. Your rational mind would have you pass it by. But your rational mind fortunately is taking a break.

Still, a decision has to be made as to whether you will alter your tempo to acquire the object or not. Is it worth it to stop?

It’s such a little decision. Following no more than a hunch you adjust your load and take the object with you. You get home, unpack what you were carrying, and realize the object is just trash which you throw away.

What isn’t realized though, is that you captured a strategic point of reference. Some time in the future a similar choice will need to be made. There is a special sensation felt when we follow impulses from a higher plateau. If that sensation is appreciated, the individual can follow it again the next time and pick up the next piece when it is offered.

It is the combination of these little victories that lead to a respect for this Infinite matrix. A respect that uncovers higher and greater possibilities as you continue.

It’s all an abstract puzzle with pieces you can’t see, touch or feel.

Just imagine.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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