merry christmas¡

There are presents under the tree above. A star adorns the top. Perhaps we reach back in our memory and reminisce about the ‘best’ Christmas we have experienced – or others, less meaningful.

Remember the ‘delight’ we tried to muster as another tie appeared in the newly opened box?

In the spirit of yesterday’s blog, it is becoming too difficult to just push aside the difference between opening the present containing the tie, and someone less privileged being so elated receiving; a comb, or a bar of soap, or a coat, or blanket, or food, or heat, or a visit to a dentist, or tweezers, or inserts for shoes, or someone to trim their toenails, or a pillow, or just a kind word.

The right side of the picture is uncertainty. Slightly removed from the Spirit, but still full of possibilities and unopened presents.

Perhaps, someone over there, in a quiet little corner . . .

will unwrap a secret.

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