Infinitely Homeless

There are videos on YouTube that take you through homeless sections of many cities. They are truly sobering. I know little about drugs, but I did notice the plethora of people in these videos that were hunched over. Some standing, others sitting on steps, others sleeping.

The above pictures are the mild ones. In others the drugs seemed to have crippled and mauled the users. I won’t go into percentages and numbers of homeless – as even one person suffering through this is too many.

Heartbreaking? Yes. Even more so when you see animals and children being brought up and trying to make sense of these abysmal surroundings. And not just in our cities, but worldwide.

Many of the inhabitants are homeless because of no fault of their own. Unfortunate circumstances, one wrong turn, one piece of bad advice,, one error in judgment is all that it takes.

I also wonder about god, or God, or whatever your choice happens to be. Is he or she watching? Does any amount of concern go along with the watching in his or her mind, or is this the best for all of us?

And I think about the politicians who try to placate the situation using only memorized words about what should be done. And . . . there are millions of homeless in this country alone and no one has a clue about correcting the problem. So, of course the stratagem would be . . . to invite millions more in. What, to be company?

Perhaps someone should really listen to the thoughts of these humans, Brothers and Sisters, who are buckled over in pain. Hungry, with no hope. Within them may come the wisdom all of us need to, and would love to, hear.

The girl in the top middle picture; much like the Infinite, has many experiences to share, but they are all wrapped in a dark context about which no one will, or could, understand.

Maybe it’s just not close enough to home to matter . . . for now.

Happy holidays everyone. Happy holidays.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Words have no value…unless followed by action.
    What is one thing today, Christmas Eve 2022 that I/you/we can do to help another who is suffering?


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