Longer Than a Day, Shorter Than a Week

Abandoned by him, by her, by them. All those self-absorbed bastards. Given up on friendship, Find a place where I am celebrated, not just tolerated.

Days are bad. Nights are worse. Nightmares about people, but tinged with love. Wondering about the order in which to abandoned life.

But one or two mornings after, one of the sources of pain doesn’t show up. If you studied the situation you could easily remember which one it was, but the unanticipated freedom brings deeper clues of a deeper life.

The understanding comes that this new freedom is yours to do with any way you please. Slowly it is recognized as a brilliant field of comfort and growth. Rich with potentials never before experienced, such as being able to weed your garden. To finally cast out particulars from your life that you never wanted there in the first place.

This quietness that was forced upon you is now viewed as the most important part of your day. A time of cleansing, purification and discovery.

Longer than a day? Most likely. Shorter than a week? Guaranteed.

A chance to discover . . . what best fills your life.

Go. Be celebrated.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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