New Fangled Sandbox

Pretty much . . . it takes something close to a miracle for the idea of the Infinite to matter in someone’s life. Love affairs don’t materialize without love.

There’s no proof about the Infinite. None. Just the occasional person who carries on about Freedom, emancipation, Bliss and the like. And for 99+ percent of the people their life is so packed with to-do’s that adding another excursion of dubious value is out of the question.

But every so often individuals receive a little jolt that transcends normal occurrences. Little ‘sparks’ which defy explanation. Quirky sensations that demand a pause to reflect . . . into the Infinite.

A new fangled sandbox; no sides, no top, no shovels and no sand.

There’s no proof. None. But something is going on that is beyond our reasoning aptitude. 99+ percent of the time those hints of its existence and excellence are just ignored. Too busy now, maybe tomorrow. And over in our mental library another check is made under the heading of ‘Unknowns’.

Never are there words to remind us because there are no words that can be used as exact descriptors. Just tiny twilight glimpses that are vying for your attention.

How many checks under ‘Unknowns’ does it take to matter?

Did you ever wonder; If those twilight mysteries are never given a chance . . .

what you might be missing?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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