Enchanted Forest

We had heard about it, read about it, seen pictures and even videos about the ‘Enchanted Forest’. We had prepared; maps, camping equipment, dried food, canteens, matches, etc.

When we arrived we noticed there were no markers of any kind indicating we had arrived. A forest? – yes. Grandeur? – yes. Quietness? – yes. Enchantment? – no.

The first day was about hiking and searching for a camp site. There were the usual discussions of which way the tent should face, who would gather fire wood, and all the other questions that needed answers.

We had planned for a four-day experience. Near the end of the third day we were lying on our sleeping bags looking up through the trees. It was a beautiful experience but there was no epiphany. Nothing unusual. Just life in a different place.

Shortly after sunset, with the fire blazing, my partner noticed a flickering close to the base of a nearby tree. She went to investigate. A plaque had been attached to the tree which read, ‘Welcome to the Enchanted Forest’.

We had been in the Enchanted Forest all this time and didn’t even realize it! That night and the following day were Magical. The next twenty-four hours brought the most exquisite time imaginable.

As we left the next day, packing up and putting out the fire, we both just hugged. So much had changed, our lives had changed, just because of a plaque. We took a picture of the base of that tree and headed home.

The next weekend we were showing our camping pictures to some friends. When we got to the one showing the base of tree . . .

there was no plaque.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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