Perfect Flaw

Sitting on a pot of gold. Life is good.

But a plan goes astray. The person who was supposed to be there, isn’t. The bouquet got delivered to the wrong address. The ring of the phone call went unheard. The playground is missing a key playmate or two.

The pot of gold is still right there but is soon forgotten. Perhaps a perfect flaw is occurring.

Familiar, silent voices infiltrate our senses and remind us of our shortcomings; highlighting the reasons why we deserve to be alone and the causes that make us believe we are unworthy or unlovable.

What follows, if we’re not careful, is self-rejection . . . when we give life to those debilitating negatives. That rabbit hole is slippery – and deep.

But this is a perfect flaw. ‘Perfect’ in the sense that it brings our negativity against ourself to light. A ‘flaw’ in the sense it gets us out of our normal state of affairs. We’re alone with nothing but our own resources. Alone: a time to capture who we really are and a time to discern what it is that really drives us.

Our ‘pot of gold’ is always there but our emotions can make it seem to disappear. Deep inside that room covered with draperies of doubt, and insecurities of all types, is a pure, unsophisticated journeyman.

The perfect flaw is to remind us of our perfection and to identify the ‘pot of gold’ [once again] that never even distanced itself from us.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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