Shadow of Life (part 6)

When he awoke, Grady tried to fabricate in his mind how yesterday’s activities could have played out; cuddling, sharing the highest thoughts a person could put together into words, dreaming, floating, tickling, wondering, loving and . . . just giving thanks that they could share thoughts that were so elevated.

Grady was well aware that disruptions of the Infinite were no stranger to their relationship. Situations just like this one had happened many times before, with both people saying they wanted what the Infinite had waiting for them, but no matter the quality and richness of the follow-up discussion, the next day the Infinite’s resources were never summoned. They were never even mentioned.

Grady could not stop thinking about the affluence of grandeur the Infinite could bring to a person and to a relationship. How good would something have to be for them to just mention it the next day?

Perhaps because the ‘prize’ was not of this world. It’s not a new car, not a new house, not winning the Lottery. No, it’s none of them. But it is winning peace, euphoria, bewilderment and Love. It is a chance to experience life without ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ labeled to anything.

It is a profound Freedom, one that allows escape from all we think we ‘know’. Grady pondered more deeply. ‘It comes down to what we honor.’ A person can choose the dishes . . . or they can choose to open themselves up to the Infinite.

Every second of every day that choice of ‘what to honor’ is there for us to make.

It’s you. It’s me. What we honor – is what determines our life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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