Shadow of Life. (part 5)

Grady felt like Santa Claus; carrying the most amazing gift in the Universe, but having nobody with which to share it.

The potential . . . glory of the morning, glory of the day, glory of their lives disintegrated into a period of sadness, disappointment and apathy.

The freshness. The sunshine. The Freedom. All three darted around in Grady’s mind. He didn’t want to waste these feelings nor any others that this day might produce. He gave Miriam some feeble excuse for having to leave, gathered his belongings and waved as he drove away.

Around the first bend a tether was broken. In a few hundred feet, a few more. In no more than a mile the sunlight blasted right through the windshield. He felt he was climbing a ladder again to gain access to the glider. There was the cloud! The invitation’ was still there, it was just interrupted.

Grady instinctively slid back the sunroof and the freshness soon swirled throughout the car. Bliss was knocking. He thought of Miriam and how nice it would have been to have her sitting next to him. He wondered if her presence was mutually exclusive when those Infinite thoughts took over. Chocolate sundaes could be shared, why not these?

His ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ lasted all day. He felt selfish, but at the same time so appreciative and thankful for the elevated experience. Grady was near ecstasy as sleep approached. He recalled as many exquisite, heightened experiences he was allowed to enjoy that day.

His last thought, before falling off to sleep, was about Miriam. He wished her even higher Bliss.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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