Language is the Only Limit

Perhaps the language, or languages, we learned weren’t of the highest order. Maybe we missed the ‘how-to’ of conveying feelings because of lack of words, or actions, or elevation. Or, this matrix of the sublime may just have been unknown.

We travel, congregate, share and exchange . . . but does our interaction ever bring with it the full, mature message we intended? Or, do our interactions continue to be just a memorized collection of words we hope will do the job?

Should we be able to have a dialogue with a tree in some fantasy? Should we be able to distinguish messages that may be always around us, but are never heard?

Are we void of these attributes, and many more, just because of our ties to this world? Does this world in which we live hold the answers to all the questions we have? Those strange feelings deep within us, could it ever be possible to share those as deeply as we wish?

Language may be the only limit . . .

but we are the ones responsible for making that limitation a reality.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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