Dragging Anchor

What is your anchor? Is it what you have accumulated from the past?

On great days your boat moves more quickly, the anchor rises and doesn’t catch on many irregularities. Play and productivity ensues.

But on regular days it snags every problem, unannounced. First the jolt, then another detour. Play and productivity stop. All thought is focused on the negative and how to free yourself from it. One rope, one anchor, many impediments. Each impediment putting the life of your voyage on hold.

Each problem continues to cement us to the negative as long as it is alive and in our life. Further conversation that day is pulled down into the quagmire of the negative.

It is possible to circumvent this behavior; sever your attachment to the anchor. Stay at least at water level if not miles above it.

Quit using the things which are below you as your starting point. Begin new conversations and discussions in the only thing which is above us, namely the Infinite.

Don’t allow yourself to drown. Forget your anchor. Grab a life preserver. Stay afloat. Tie it on tightly so it never lets you fall below the surface.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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