To Ensure Ultimate Behavior

We’re confronted with all types of ideas. Some good, some not.

Without adult supervision there is no telling what concoction you will amass, and that concoction will end up being in charge of your life.

In order to protect yourself so that those not-so-perfect thoughts never inhabit your mind, you need a self-chaperone. Someone (yourself) to watch over what is going on but not being an active participant . . . very similar to looking after children at a party. Not eliminating fun but assuring that the fun present, is at the most rewarding level.

If you have recurring negatives of any kind in your life, now is the time to put on your chaperone’s hat. Be tough. Don’t just ‘ask’ those unwanted ideas to leave – mandate their exit. Starve them out. Discontinue association with them.

Then, allow thoughts of higher and higher perfection to fill those gaps.

That’s the process of sublimation. Replacing the inferior with the superior.

* All the best to Everyone! A short vacation is approaching quickly.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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