Perfect Awkwardness

Setting: Inside a small, quaint restaurant, Minneapolis, winter afternoon.

Girlfriend and I had been cuddled around two coffee drinks for hours. Abruptly, her mother stormed through the door, grabbed her daughter by the arm and escorted her outside.

At that moment, at the peak of excitement and astonishment, a thought came drifting by that said, ‘I got this’. Not that I personally ’got this’, but that the situation would be taken care of by another entity that would handle the situation.

Our waiter tapped me on the shoulder and apologized for his inattentiveness. He said the bill had been taken care of and offered two additional drinks to-go.

As I arose, through the glass door, I could see an irate mother yelling at her beautiful daughter who was crouched down and crying. The process of ‘I got this’ (the real Magic) began. Not because I asked for it or was in any way responsible for its arrival.

And there was an associated feeling right then that went something like this . . . I was so far above everything, that I knew I had no place there. I was out of my element, my world. I had no words to share. No actions that were worthy. I was about to experience a role that I never knew existed.

With the two hot drinks in hand I pushed open the front door. One was handed to her mother, the other to my girlfriend. I was so far above worldly matters that the frigid cold meant nothing. I realized that the awkwardness of the situation was the Magic stage. Time stopped.

I had no words to say, but words came out of my mouth. Rich, soothing words that comforted like a favorite blanket. Somehow I was in the clouds and standing right next to both of them at the same time, as some kind of medium through which perfection flowed. Personally, I had no involvement in the scene whatsoever.

A floating masterpiece. A surreal conduit. An example and acknowledgment of Infinite possibilities. There was no happening. Nothing took place. It was a dream-mystery.

But a statement was made, maybe more than one. Unheard, unobserved, remarkably subtle . . . but understood.

The ice crunched under our feet as we turned to leave.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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