Bringing It To Life

Our minds continually play with thoughts, even while sleeping.

We can never cease creating forms of some sort by our mental activity, thinking life into them. We cannot sit still and produce nothing: our mental machinery keeps on turning out work of some sort, and it rests with us to determine of what sort it shall be.

Suggestions are powerful and so plentiful. Many T.V. ads will tell us about myriad problems we might have. If there are any connections in our mind with any of these concerns, the raw materials are then present for the birth of something unwelcome.

We can create forms of death, sickness, sorrow, trouble, and limitation of all sorts, and then think life into these forms. However non-existent these forms were to us, they can become realities and cause a new breed of grief . . . because now, there is a new caustic life – living in us.

All those thoughts which race around in our heads are natural. But, some are far from pure, far from what you want for your life.

If you desire more perfection . . . don’t associate with negativity. I can only imagine how better off everyone would be if we weren’t subjected to negative commercials about our health and well-being.

I can only suggest to rise above all the negative pitfalls by newly conceived, lofty decisions, and then to cement those decisions into your mind and think life into them.

Claim your place above all that grief you have finally left to die.

Protect that place.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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