Are You Sure?

Whatever we join, we must protect. Whether it be a small personal club, Rotary, Kiwanis, a political party, a religion . . . there is created some unspoken allegiance to it that we must uphold.

Whatever we join, we must protect. We fly its flag, enshrine its writings, follow its rules. As an example, let’s use ‘religion’.

As soon as we join, things change within us. When there is any question, we side with that religion. In other words, our minds are already made up as to what is right or wrong in all questions about it.

Instead of being free to examine all the information available and make up our own minds when a question appears, that process – that freedom – is eliminated. The idea of . . . discovering a different answer, or a better or best solution – is just not permissible.

No longer is the possibility of a hidden shore being found where openness and acceptance are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

In any other venture people want freedom of choice. Freedom to roam, to discover, to try new things, to listen for new possibilities.

Why do we choose any venue and protect it? Why is this practice of isolation to specific beliefs so appealing to so many? It explains why there are different branches of religion on nearly every corner of a city.

Instead of a flag of allegiance, why can’t we fly a flag of Freedom, a flag of openness, a flag of uncertainty?

Is it because . . . no one can accept being uncertain?

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  1. There is a thing called ‘New Thought’…I have found a freedom in that movement… away from dogma…and religious structured beliefs…a place that resonates with openness and freedom of thought unlike mainline religions. Perhaps a first step for many in a direction from the dogma and restrictions of the religion of their childhood…into a spirit of unity not inclusively.


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