Starting Point

Today, you’ll process questions like . . . where to go? how to get there? how to better something? how to pacify? how to purify?

Before tackling any one of them, stop and consider from where you are thinking. Most likely it’s a POINT ‘A’. A place you know well; your home, your car, etc. A place in your mind which uses the same worn rhetoric and reasoning again and again.

Why not seek a starting point that is higher? Compare the vistas of POINT ‘A’ and POINT ‘B’ in the photo. Which one might be more exhilarating, more provocative, more able to bring the loftiest answers?

We start at POINT ‘A’ because of convenience. We’re always there!

There are NO rules. Today, try starting at POINT ‘B’. Ignore any limitations that may linger. Don’t think: soar!

Look down at your prison below.

It’s your choice where you reside.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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