The Key to Your Life

For many, life is but a role to play. As if we purchased a script along the way and when called on we just look down and read our lines. This ‘rut’ that we have accepted allows us to go left or right . . . but never up.

The well-worn script that you use has no reference, no connection, to anything that is ‘above’. And at times we wonder if a key is available that makes the Infinite accessible.

Only in those rare times of quiet composure is anything ‘higher’ available. It is a different world, completely. A world that has no correlation to the one in which we live. A Fantasyland, a venue that has not one word that we can understand.

It communicates via; ‘puffs of insight’, ‘feelings of grandeur’ and ‘senses of enlightenment’.

The ‘key’ could be called silence, listening, sensing. However you try to word it, the idea is that the further we take ourselves out of the equation of trying to engage or reason with the Infinite, the better our chances of discovering it are.

Aron spent two hours in silence with ‘me’. He had to make a bold statement quickly. His use of ‘no words’ was admirable. The Infinite is personal. No person can deliver the impact of the Infinite. But they can encourage silence to allow the Infinite to be ‘heard’.

And you might ask, ‘What does it sound like?’ For me, there is no audible sound, but a feeling of the ‘power of limitlessness’. A sense of unboundedness with no restrictions. Floating, and many other like descriptors.

You know you have received the invitation when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite.

You don’t find what you want . . .

you find who you are.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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