The Dignity of the Infinite

The honor that one person conveys to another by the absence of words.

The desire for the preservation of silence toward another.

A reverence for the deepest respect one person can bestow on another.

The dignity of allowing another person the time and space to experience the sanctity of pure wisdom as given to them of their own accord, and not random, biased inputs from someone else’s memory.

The deepest dignity is discovered alone. Free from the well-being offered by others. Free from all the crutches from which a person must confess. Free from every microscopic speck that may arise in you as a threat to perfect freedom.

A time of the highest humility. A humbleness where the person ceases to matter.

This nobility, is not earned. Adding additional hours to your reverie does not add to the possibility of discovery. Capture the serenity in which the girl is immersed. It is not about desire, not about something earned, not about attraction.

It’s really about her identifying anything that may still be in the way of her . . . dignity of the Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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