It’s All a Joke

The Infinite. Magic. Bliss. Out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing there’s some magical field. Come on, now! The steps are unsecured. The structure is unsafe. It’s but a dream.

Take ‘imagination’. What an amazing attribute we had when we were kids. Fantasies in an instant just by shutting our eyes. No one even mentions imagination anymore except to imagine how terrible something might be in the future.

It’s all a lie, folks. There is no life full of bliss. Nothing is ever heightened by an action we might try. There is nothing special to attain. There are no elevated areas of freedom. You go out to eat or you stay home. Common sense rules. I don’t believe I know of one friend who would actually commit to putting aside ALL of their beliefs for even a few seconds to experience something different . . . to take a chance there might be something on a grander scale.

I apologize. 1,000 attempts at trying to illuminate something higher but no takers. My fault. Sorry. It’s all a joke.

It’s all . . .

a joke.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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