A Different Word

The Infinite. Nothing but a different idea accompanied with higher thoughts.

Changing a story is simple . . . take out a person and put in a fish. Take out suffocation and put in frolicking. Take out negativity and use laughter instead.

You’re writing your story; one thought at a time.

Got a best-seller on the way? Or, a recollection of varying pitfalls and heartbreaks?

One word can completely change the whole meaning of life. When ‘can’t’ goes to ‘can’, when ‘mediocre’ goes to ‘perfect’, when ‘limited’ is now ‘unlimited’.

One word. One idea. One thought that is higher than another is all it takes.

How often do you think about things that are negative? How often do you talk about things that are negative? How often are you immersed in things that are negative? Does ‘negativity’ have a starring role in your story?

‘Negativity doesn’t – and will never have – a place in my story’.

Start your new story today. Begin with the sentence above.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. What is your definition of negativity…is something negative when you deem it to be…or is it a universal negative.
    Could it be that judging something negative comes from something one is taught to be negative? Inquiring minds…


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