Awaiting Your Entrance

But, things may be different inside. The stronger your reliance on some thing, the more that thing will be changed.

Those ‘facts’ that you ‘know’ are the very building blocks of your existence – will be shattered.

Your reliance on the ordinary, those things that are prone to repetition, will fade away and be replaced by insights so provocative they will make you tremble with excitement.

The possibilities are always there, but you must enter. There is no charge for the admission ticket, but even with the slightest figment of wonder the curtain hiding the Infinite can be ripped down and a new way of thinking – about everything – can be born.

That ‘opening’ in the photo above can appear in many forms; an inspiration whose time for fruition has come, something out of place, a missed plane, a part of your mind which over the years has become so sensitive a cup of coffee can deliver the epiphany.

It’s a surrender with no white flag. A surrender with no words that convey ‘I give up’. It’s a surrender only possible when you have absolutely NO interest in making the next move. As if ‘surrender’ will be accomplished for you.

Unfortunately, for many individuals, they have said ‘No’ to the experience so many times before there is no possibility of them EVER giving up control of anything in their life.

To them I offer this . . . watch a cat, admire a sunset, empathize with a bird soaring above the clouds, notice a person walking out of a prison door after it has been locked for decades.

Then; be that free person, be that bird, be that sunset . . .

be that cat.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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