A Life Worth Knowing

Three components of everyone’s life are; time, thoughts and money.

There are two key words that can control those three facets. They are; ‘spend’ and ‘invest’.

‘Spend’ means to lay out with no hope of return and ‘invest’ means to lay out with an expectation of a return.

Thus, we can spend time – or – invest time. Spend our thoughts or invest our thoughts. Spend money or invest money. Every individual has the capacity to assign either ‘spend’ or ‘invest’ to every action he or she commits.

If we hear some negativity on the news we can let it build up strength in our mind and spend the rest of the day expressing our new renditions of that negativity. Or, we can take the idea of ‘investment’ and decide that we don’t want to spend our time on negativity . . . we instead want to invest our time and thoughts on matters of the highest importance to us and that will impact our life most positively.

Even those thoughts that accompany us to sleep. You can assign the idea of ‘investment’ to that part of your day and those thoughts that appear before sleep will take on new power.

Each thought will become meaningful, positive building blocks that demand a return on investment.

A return that is exactly in line with your ideas.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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