Casting a Thousand Shadows

A shadow occurs when an interposing body is inserted between a background and a light source.

If multiple light sources are at play the resultant shadows become more and more ambiguous and obscure the true identity of the intervening pieces.

Isn’t that what each individual does . . . continually? There is ‘truth’, but we have to resort to the uncertainty of words as a means of conveyance of that ‘truth’.

Then we add add a ray or two of our own light. And not all of the subjects with which we deal are completely solid. They have irregularities and varying degrees of translucence.

We cast thousands of shadows. We exhibit an assortment of levels of clarity to others who themselves have different capacities of understanding.

It ends up that nothing is crystal clear. We have an experience and the best we can do is to try on a bit of the experience we understand most completely and see if it fits.

Then, armed with this new shadow we share that with others like we are doing them a favor! Shadows within shadows, trying to find an exact answer.

If you become opaque, look inside yourself, and limit the number of sources you listen to, your acuity will be able to discern what to throw in the trash much more easily.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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