Empty Spaces

Your favorite song . . . you’ve heard it a hundred times, but this time the words get muffled, the music becomes indistinct. Curiously, it becomes more intriguing because of what has disappeared.

Your favorite meal . . . grill-lined steak, glass of red wine, your favorite companion, the exquisite ambience of the restaurant. But time goes by and without even knowing it the chandelier is missing from that memory. The laughter, the desert, music, flowers on the table; they’ve all vanished too.

A favorite person . . . once a crystal clear visage. But now, the nose and mouth have become blurry. The sound of their voice has been lost except for one or two words. Gone is the recollection of how they walked.

These, and many other realities, become increasingly abstract. But just because information has been lost doesn’t diminish the impact they have on us. It can do the opposite.

This ‘information lost’ is quite interesting. The once ‘known’ details have become ‘unknowns’. Forgottens – if you will. But what has been taken away . . . the ‘unknowns’, the ‘forgottens’, are now the Magic that makes those memories so special.

Empty spaces – that cause us to fill in the blanks with our own Magic, our own mystery. Unknowns that bring a richness we never expected. A taste of the Infinite.

What if . . . our whole lives were unknowns . . .

one empty space after another?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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