Reaching for ‘What Is Next’

You’ve been running for hours. It becomes quite obvious that what you will reach out for is some kind of liquid refreshment.

But let’s say all of your bodily needs have been met. There’s no thirst or hunger of any kind. And, for sake of discussion, assume you have no problems with which to contend.

The next step is to envisage what is ‘on deck’ for your life. What ensuing reality will happen? Maybe calling a friend, reading a book, engaging in a hobby.

As a suggestion . . . you may want to take advantage of your level of contentment and be happy your hands are empty. Don’t reach out for the next thing to fill them. Start getting comfortable with nothingness.

Instead of grabbing for ‘what is next’, totally relax and wait on your mind to produce exactly what is perfect – for you.

Be the turtle. Go slowly. Forget about all the minor consequences of life. Allow the superlatives to visit. Not in your home, but in your mansion. Not confined to your neighborhood, but your universe.

A bad life gets in the way of a mediocre life. A good life gets in the way of a spectacular life.

Take a moment. Take a day. Permit ‘what you do’ to come from your heart and not from some learned repetition of sequence of events.

Reach out . . .

for nothing.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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