The Iron Façade

We all have an ‘artificial appearance’ that pretty much accompanies us wherever we go. An un-penetrable barrier that we have fabricated to hide our self-proclaimed shortcomings.

But every so often an item with special appeal comes into our life that has the unique capacity to touch our hearts – no matter how thick the armor is that we are wearing.

Perhaps the items might be; two or three words that always take precedence no matter what else is going on, or a photo or drawing that has perfect shapes and colors just for you, or a little figurine, or a memory, or a feeling like walking barefoot through cool grass.

No matter what they are, wouldn’t it be a great idea to gather every last one of them and keep them nearby and readily accessible?

Those little trinkets are bookmarks to fantasies of your inner self, and how we feel about ourself is vital to our contentment. If one of these can lift you, imagine what the combination of two or three might do.

Each one is a life-center of who you really are. Pamper yourself. Cherish every little thing in your collection. They are hints to your wonderment and Infinitude.

Façades may have their place . . .

but nothing takes the place of total Freedom.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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