Last Week . . . How Was Your Harvest?

Aside from the interactions with friends, shopping, eating, sleeping, working: anything special?

Did any part of the graph top the charts? Or, did some times bottom out and become memorable because they were so low?

Last week was the sum total of your thoughts and what they produced in your life. The good stuff, the bad stuff and how you reacted to them all . . . packaged in a seven-day envelope.

This week, if you want to, you can choose different kinds of seeds, seeds with a warning label of off-the-chart potency. Seeds that may be the catalyst to a week so high and mighty it may scare the other plants in your garden right off the premises.

You’ll go to a different store, perhaps the one in your mind. The shelves may all be bare, but that is O.K. You get to replenish the shelves with products of a certain purity and impact . . . to your standards.

The ‘seeds’ involved can take varying forms; a wisp of a suggestion, a few words written on a slip of paper, an idea strapped to a problem in your life that never goes away, a star so high and bright in your heaven that just the thought of it is invigorating.

Go; play with the Magic! Unshackle yourself this week. Dream a highest dream, then something higher than that. Even if all this sounds ridiculous, give it a few minutes today. Take a vacation from yourself. Leave all your reasons for not giving it a try, behind. Venture into the unknowable.

You can’t make a mistake. There are no rules . . .

just Infinite possibilities.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. I am on the cruise of infinite possibilites…where anything goes and comes back BLISS!
    LOVE the return…the refun has just begun!


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