It’s Your Turn

Let go. Become invisible. Vanish. Listen. It’s not about you. Cease your input. Turn off your mind.

Exhortations to hopefully meditate better or bring the possibility of interaction with the Infinite closer.

It’s always so selfish . . . How can I win? What can I get out of this. What can it do for me?

Pick someone else, or better yet, allow their identity to come to you. Once the person has been chosen, give that person time. Most likely there’s a reason that person is in your mind rather than any other.

Play with their presence. What happened when you last saw them? What did he or she need? Was there a problem? Did a masterpiece occur?

Maybe you’ll be suggested to call, or send flowers, or to reach out to them in some ultra-spectacular way. A way that is ultra-spectacular to them – not you.

Maybe it’s giving them the benefit of a doubt. Maybe they need you in some special way at this special moment.

You have the ability to effect others like no one else can.


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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