Happiness or Contentment?

‘Contentment’ is the foundation of a cat.

Happiness is just a fleeting feeling that comes and goes. Contentment seeps in all the crevasses and pores. It’s not just a feeling but a state.

With ‘happiness’ comes the possibility of unhappiness. Contentment is what remains after all is said and done. It is the default essence.

Contentment is a state of being, like being immersed in a beautiful cloud. If we can keep all of our thoughts and concerns within that cloud, our life will be perfection. It is when troubles and problems are allowed to escape and take precedence over our contentment that worry, unhappiness and an uncomfortable life ensues.

As an experiment you might want to ask friends what their level of contentment is on a scale of one to ten. If you get a number higher than ‘7’ it is very unusual.

Kitty doesn’t capture bad feelings and store them up. That’s not allowed in the contentment cloud because it precludes the unlimited peace that a cat ‘is’. And you don’t have to capture negativity either.

Perhaps you can create a single, absolute maxim that you begin to live by . . . that nothing will be permitted in your cloud of contentment without your permission.

Then . . . shape your life in the highest realm possible.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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