With Pen in Hand

A doctor writes a prescription. Simple. You take it to the drug store, buy it, take it home and swallow. Simple.

And that seems to be the recipe for how many care for themselves today; pay your money and cross your fingers.

Could a person’s health problems be caused by the day to day actions a person puts his or her body through . . . the choice of foods, exercise, and stimulants or the lack of other nourishments?

What if someone prescribed a belief to you? A belief that it is the responsibility of every individual to pay attention to their own body. To be responsible for caring for themselves according to their own construction of ideas.

A ‘belief’ that eating good food, exercising and getting proper rest was mandatory, as was the exclusion of negative habits and drugs.

A ‘belief’ that this is your body and your attention to it is mandatory.

A ‘belief’ of common sense; that we can and should try to continually elevate the care of ourselves to higher and higher plateaus.

The final question . . .

whose signature would have to be on that ‘prescription for a belief’ to make it motivate you?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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