Unchain Me

The world, with its complicated circumstances, can lead you down paths that don’t end well.

But often, those times can be rich with possibilities.

Perhaps we realize that our mind, which we turn to for all answers, isn’t equipped to handle all situations. And with an enormous pending negativity, we become open and receptive enough for the Infinite to enter.

At moments like these . . . epiphanies can occur that make a person get up from the guillotine, dust himself off, walk down the steps of the platform and realize who he is for the first time. A person who is above all the crap that the world has in store for every one of us.

Solving little problems can bring about little break-throughs, but as the stakes get higher the results can be astronomical.

The attainment of this elevation can happen in a second. The past drama and pain can be discarded immediately. The terrible occurrences that brought about the chains can become laughable.

In an instant, what you thought was the most horrible phase of your life, can be the circumstances to which you give the highest thanks.

Chains . . . sometimes they can be untied. Other times a key is needed. Still others require a hacksaw.

The toughest ones may demand a visceral understanding of a gruesome apparatus displayed on an elevated stage, surrounded on all sides by glorious freedom.

A key is needed here also. But this time the key is imagination.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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