Half a Man

By what standards is he judged? How well he fits in with the group? How well he follows the dictates of the worldly populous? How closely the things that are important to him resemble the things that are important to you?

A 50% man . . . quite a step down for many men.

But what if a man, after careful scrutiny of the ‘standards’ by which American humans are expected to conform, decides those standards are not for him, or her? A person who has not only turned away from those ‘handed-down’ precepts that life hands out so freely, but has aligned his status to one in direct opposition to those standards which are so apparent – and cherished – by most everyone else.

To him, ‘50% man’ would be a compliment. ‘10% man’ – an honor. ‘1% man’ – Bliss!

What would be the perfect word here to exemplify this character exposed . . .? Iconoclast? Rebellious one? Counterculturist?

Maybe just ‘thoughtful individual’ will suffice.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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