Why the Sea is Salty

A kid’s story recalls the efforts of a sailor who was offered a magic mill for a small price, that would produce an unlimited supply of whatever was asked of it.

On the high seas the next day, the crew was tasked with packing the meat onboard in salt, so the Captain ordered the mill to produce salt.

The mill churned out pound after pound of salt and everyone was delighted. When the packing was finished the Captain ordered the mill to shut down, but he had not learned the proper command to make the mill stop.

The ship filled with salt and eventual split in two and sank. The mill is still there at the bottom of the ocean, producing salt. And that is why the sea is salty.

That story had a very special impact on me in my early years. Today, in principle, there is an even more amazing mill.

It is available at no cost whatsoever. Able to handle multiple requests with easy, and no trick words are needed for operation.

If Magic is desired, it is merely asked for and it starts to be produced.

Your mill is standing by, also. Be crazy – break some rules! Reach beyond what you or anyone else thought possible and ask for that.

When your life transforms from the ordinary to the extraordinary -take a swim in the ocean and let the salt water float you . . .

wherever you want to go.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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