What’s Behind It All?

The learning. The books. The study. The recall. All done. That’s it.

But is it?

Someone mentions a word like ‘nothingness’ or ‘Infinite’ or ‘limitless’ and it seems there is always a tad of wonder that accompanies them.

The left side of the picture expresses things of this world that we may have experienced. Shapes; rectangles, circles, lines in a row, learning, rules. Gazing across to the right side, there is randomness – at best. A dotted universe depicting the unknown – with no rules.

We know what the left side brings . . . we are living it. The right side is void of signs, warnings and judgments. There are no rights and wrongs. Indeed, it is a fantasy land of which we can assume entrance, or never even consider gaining admission.

It is up to our volition to either walk on by and permit it continue to be a complete mystery, or to begin to understand that it may be the source of everything we could ever desire – and all things we would never know were even available.

But this time there are no books, no teachers, no laws, no right way. This may be our last chance to experience anything so pure and so advanced, but there are no signposts up ahead to light the way. There is nothing to direct your path. And, somehow, that has to be the way.

No one can describe the first detail about it. It holds a special place just for you. It has nothing to do with how your significant other sees it, nor your siblings, nor your children, nor your neighbor, nor your teacher.

It’s your ride . . . exclusively.

Free passes are everywhere.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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