You’re Not the Same Person

Let’s say you wake up and remember your kitchen seems too dull, too dark. You decide to take action to remedy the situation.

In that instant you become a new person. You have accepted the role of ‘kitchen illuminator’ and thoughts about new bulbs, new strands of lights and draperies light up in you mind.

A.A. reminds us that we can attest to ourselves that we will have only two drinks some evening, but what we fail to understand is that after the first drink – we become a new person with new values and judgments.

Each step we take can unlock a new you.

The ‘Infinite’ is another case in point. It will always remain an enigma, but we can approach it in the same manner as above.

With our willingness we can start. We can take a first step and issue in silence – and then create a feeling in ourselves of being unlimited.

By just those simple actions we change who we are. Some things that were untouchable suddenly come into the realm of being attainable.

A first step is so powerful. It is the only thing that can bring about . . .

a second step.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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